The Visa Information System

In order to facilitate the issuance of visas in the Schengen Area, as well as border checks, a common information system, i.e. the Visa Information System (VIS), has been established. For this aim, information on those applying for a visa to a Schengen country are entered into the system and made accessible to external border crossing points of Schengen states and their consulates in non-EU countries. Among the data processed are photographs and fingerprint data. Fingerprints are not, however, taken from children under 12 years of age and those who physically cannot provide finger scans.

The Directorate of Immigration is responsible for the processing of personal data in VIS on the part of Iceland. Individuals, who wish to send the Directorate a request in that regard, including on access to information, the deletion or rectification of data, can contact it in the following e-mail address: utl[at]

Further information on VIS.

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